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About our Translation Agency's Professional Team

Project Mangers

Our project managers are chosen after having proven themselves to be the best and most dependable translators and proofreaders. Only then are they trusted to fully understand the needs of our clients so they can assign the best suited translators or put together the best possible team in order to achieve the desired results.


Our proofreaders are also chosen among our best from our translation agency who have proven they can independently provide flawless, accurate translations. We feel that a mastery in both English and French are necessary to excel in this profession. They must also have a university degree in translation or a related field and a minimum of 5 years experience.


Our experienced, professional translators are assigned to clients that best match their area of expertise to ensure that you receive consistency and quality. By working with the best that offer professional translation for French, we know it can give you the necessary edge to better connect with your target audience.

DTP Specialists

Sometimes our work doesn't end with a well translated document. That's when our Desktop Publishing Specialists step in to ensure that the layout of your document, from MS Word files with images, columns, tables, etc. to complex InDesign files and every other existing format, is ready for print.

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