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Being located in Sudbury, Ontario, gives us access to the best possible combination of truly bilingual personnel. Simply put, we understand the subtleties and nuances of both English and French in use throughout Canada.  TransCanada Translations is also proud of the standards it upholds for every client and with every project. Regardless of the size of the task at hand, our seamless 7 step process always puts quality above speed so that every translation only needs to be done once. 
More About Us

1. Three words best describe what we offer our clients: Value, Quality and Service. After being in the business for well over a decade, we've realized that the combination of these qualities is unfortunately quite rare. Our new clients quickly understand that we will always be a "small business at heart" who truly wants our clients to succeed. How do we do that? If you so wish, you can be directly involved with any staff member to ensure that we are clearly addressing and understand your needs and specific requests.    
2. We are a one-stop-shop for our clients who want to make sure everything is ready for publication. Even if our clients have their own in-house DTP services as well as graphic design, they often prefer to entrust this step to us as their staff does not speak either French or English and could make some costly mistakes when transferring content to final layout.  
Our History

In 2001, TransCanada Translations (formerly Sudbury Language Services) was strictly a French Language School. That same year, we decided to include Translation Services for a Canadian audience. The core staff of specialized linguists set out to build a team of professional qualified French Canadian translators to that end. It was surprisingly easy to make that transition as so many of our skills were transferable. Before the year was out, we decided that we preferred editing, correcting and improving upon national marketing campaigns (for example) rather than student essays. The appeal of being involved with communications on a national scale still motivates us to this day. What further motivates us is to improve the general quality of the translations found across Canada. We take great pride in what we've been able to accomplish by doing our small part to raise the bar for the industry as a whole.

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