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Desktop Publishing (layout)
Once the content of your message has been translated to French Canadian, do you need help with the layout? We know you may not have the bilingual in-house staff that can take care of this final step. We can help you with that!
We have DTP specialists that can work with your elaborate Word files, PowerPoint presentations, InDesign files and so forth so that it's ready for publication. Would you prefer that we provide the content as an Excel file (English in the left column and French Canadian in the adjacent right column)? We can do that too for a small additional fee. Possibly no fee at all if little work is involved! It depends on the project and this will be assessed and included in your initial quote upon request.  
Any way you look at it, we can deliver your content in any required or desired format to exacting standards. In case you have not ascertained that this is something you require, we will certainly let you know and help you make whatever decision best suits your needs.

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