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You have high expectations towards whoever you choose to entrust your professional Canadian translation service needs and so you should! We want to ensure you have truly thought of everything in order to get the results you expect and perhaps a few important details you may not be aware of just yet.
What should you be asking? Here it is in a nutshell. Ask if the translators being used translate only into their mother tongue. Inquire if the translators and reviewers are ALL from the target geographical area. Do they ALL have university degrees in translation, a related field or your specific subject matter. Ask the contact person just how much experience the company has dealing with the scope and subject matter of your project. Ask about their policies regarding translation software, the type of software being used and their purpose. Inquire about the measures being used to ensure consistency and quality control.
We want to get to know you! By taking the time to understand your company, your needs and expectations, we can provide a better level of service. You should not feel like we are offering you a "McDonald's drive-thru" service experience. Quite the opposite! We have your best interests at heart and with good reason.
Are you submitting a RFQ to obtain a contract? Do you want to instill trust in your customers and those who buy your products? Are you concerned with the way your message will be perceived by a Canadian French audience? We care about your success almost as much as you do. Why do we care if you succeed in your objectives? For one, it makes for a much more pleasant work life for all involved because we want to deal with satisfied clients who come back to us time and again. We want to establish a long term relationship with your company. We have no interest in the "take the money and run" approach by taking shortcuts to offer the lowest rates out there. It's just bad business.
Our clients and even multinational translation companies who call on our services tend to stay with us for years and still to this day. Why? Because we hold ourselves to every one of the standards mentioned on this page. Professional French Translation Services in Canada should not only be done by Canadian translators, but all that oversee the work should also have the same perspective. We believe that any translation in Canada for a Canadian audience should be done solely by a local company for obvious reasons. We hope you share our point of view and give us the opportunity to earn your business.

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