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We believe that translation is an art form. It cannot be reduced to strict scientific rules which means no machine can ever replace what we can do. That being said, each translator will render a slightly different version or the original content. However, we still insist that certain criteria be met and that our professional translators have a specific set of skills. They must have the ability to render a translation that is easily understood, fluent and smooth, idiomatic and conveys, to some extent, the literary subtleties of the original. They must also be able to distinguish between the metaphorical and the literal, make explicit what is implicit in abbreviations, and in allusions to sayings, convey, as much as possible, the meaning of the original text.
From our point of view, this is only the beginning; the set of fundamental skills all of our professional translators must possess. In many cases, this means that any of our tested translators can meet the needs of our clients. However, when the needs of the clients are specific to a subject field, we qualify each member of our team, providing professional translation for French, to ensure they have the additional skills to generate the desired results.
This means we have specialized teams to which projects are assigned based on the initial conversations with new clients and the nature of the document or documents they wish to have translated following an analysis.
As you may know by now , part of our expertise is English to French Translation. If you are on our website, we know you are not looking for French translators from France, Belgium or Cameroon. It's all about Canadian French translation. Give us a try!



"You were available immediately to take on what we thought would be a very challenging project. We were impressed by your organization and the quality of the work. We will definitely call on you again for our future translation needs.
Paul Beaudry - Canadian Tire

"Thank you very much for helping us to market our new product line in Canada. Your advice and guidance helped us to stay on track with our timeline. I would gladly recommend your services. It's been a pleasure working with you."
Julia Larson - Sony Canada

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