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Compare Your Options For Translation Service Providers

We think it is important for you to understand which type of service providers are available and also which one will best serve your interests.
Let's assume that we are comparing apples to apples where all have the same qualifications, experience, dedication to quality and best practices, and that the translator or team involved with your project are all from the target geographical area.

 Freelance Translators
This may be your most inexpensive option. If you can find a suitable individual translator and your needs are limited to a maximum of 1,500 words per day you may choose to establish a one on one relationship which may work well for you. There are a couple drawbacks however. No single person, no matter how good they are, will deliver flawless results every time. The second drawback being that there are no long term guarantees that the individual will be available for as long as you require their services, so this may have an impact on consistency if the need to find a new freelance translator arises.
 Single Language Vendors (SLV)
This second tier option is where what we offer, so we will do our best to remain unbiased in this explanation. If your needs are limited to 1 language pair, this may be the option for you. You are still in direct contact with those involved with your translations and there are at least 2 translators involved with every project depending on its size and complexity. This option may be more expensive than working with a freelance translator, but in return you get greater assurances regarding quality and reliability over the long term as well as having the option for large scale projects. However, if your needs entail more than one language pair (Canadian French Translation in our case) this may not be the right solution for you.
 Multilingual Translation Agencies
These companies will almost always outsource to Single Language Vendors, so you can expect the same quality and consistency. There are also 2 drawbacks to be expected. You are often twice removed from having direct contact with those involved with your project.

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