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Translation Memory and Terminology Database

If you are not familiar with these terms yet, as they pertain to our English to Quebec French translation services, don't worry, you will love them both soon enough!

Let's start with the terminology database as it is the most obvious and easiest one to explain. Every time a translator comes across a word that he or she needs to look up, it gets entered into the database so that every time it is encountered in the future the same term gets applied.

This becomes even more important on large projects so that we can ensure terminology consistency throughout your documents. Translation memory works much in the same way but thanks to our software, it becomes a semi-automated process. With most clients, there is repetition within the content that requires translation time and again. At the very least, there are similar elements. Our software allows us to leverage partially similar or identical content not only to ensure consistency, but to lower your costs for our services.

Over time, this means significant savings to you the client. If you want to know exactly how these cost saving measures are applied, visit the translation pricing section of our website.
We are proud of the way our Canadian translation company employs modern translation tools in an ethical and professional manner. If you have any additional questions, feel free to talk to us right now using our online chat service. 

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